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What Zha Technology do...

Electronic Security Systems Consultancy


Zha technology have been providing CCTV Consultancy Services since 2013. During that time, Zha technology CCTV Consultancy Team have applied our independence and unbiased approach, to support many public and private sector organisations to progress CCTV Feasibility Studies and Documented Operational Requirements, which have formed the foundation for the implementation of a fit for purpose Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System project.

CCTV and Smart Building Design 


Zha technology, CCTV Design Development is the first phase of determining the scope for a new CCTV system in Karaikudi. Zha technology provides stakeholder consultation, site survey support, documentation and budgetary guidance to allow our client’s the ability to make an informed decision relating to proceeding to the procurement phase for a CCTV project in Karaikudi.


Zha technology provide a CCTV impact assessment. Zha technology provide a computer aided design (CAD) generated site plan drawing showing proposed exterior camera positions.

CCTV and Smart Building Installation


Zha technology provides qualified project management expertise to ensure your CCTV, Safety & Security Systems are installed in accordance with operational requirements agreed, standards and legislation applicable to the particular market sector and country, together with the technical and engineering specifications developed by us, for tender and contract award purposes. Members of our team once worked for security integrator’s in design, estimating, installation, commissioning and project management roles, which we believe are appropriate credentials to allow us to apply ‘our lessons learnt‘ for the benefit of our client’s.



Zha technology, we/our slogan "no compromise in safety" which is, we Zha technology don't compromise in work quality, product quality, work perfection, team safety.

We Zha technology provides the best solution to our client in quality and support. Make sure the property is perfectly protected with our security soultions and our client is satisfied.